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Handmade Small Batch Organic Skin Care Products & Healing Crystal Jewelry


For over 20 years, I have practiced healthful living, beginning with nutritional intake. I wanted to be just as healthy and radiant on the outside as I feel inside. It all began in my kitchen, the vision Unfiltered.

Why Unfiltered?

With an ever-changing market with products for your skin, it is critical to understand what we put on our bodies. Why Unfiltered? Many leading products give the illusion of being healthful and beneficial, but are mass-produced in factories and saturated with chemicals and byproducts

Unfiltered is the opposite - we offer handcrafted products from body butters to soaps and so much more, all made with the rawest quality of organic, all natural everyday ingredients - and topped off with extra tender, love and care! Our products are made in small batches with great attention to quality and detail and are sure to give you a rich, breathtaking feel.


From my home to yours, let's live life uninhibited!


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