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"I am an aspiring young entrepreneur from Ghana, West Africa. Ever since I was young, I found myself wanting to own something of my own. Afterall, my father always told me to never work under anyone if I truly wanted the freedom to live a life of my choosing – he is my biggest inspiration in this brand I am trying to create.

One day we had a conversation about our family; he told me that our family clan's symbol was African Buffalo. This really surprised me because even though I had grown almost my entire life and Ghana there was still a lot I didn't know about my family or where I was from. I realized there must be a lot more people in this world who find themselves in the same boat as me, looking to understand and connect with their origins.

This has inspired me in my work, as I am learning about my own family and culture while I introduce Western African art to the Western world. I know art inspires, and I am hoping my art inspires more people to learn more about where they're from."

NOTE - the bags available below were sewn by Seth's Aunt, who he has learned the craft under the guidance of. We will have Seth's bags available for sale in the coming weeks. 

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