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Malachite and Marble Chess Set

Malachite and Marble Chess Set

Malachite and Marble Chess Set with Brass Inlay (8” diameter) --  Crafted in The Democratic Republic of Congo, this piece is a testament to the skilled hands of local artisans who transform raw stone into stunning works of art.

MALACHITE (Mohs hardness 3.5-4), forms the foundation of the board and is a mineral resulting from copper ore deposits that undergo a process of weathering and oxidation over millions of years. This semiprecious stone offers durability and elegance, and is truly visually captivating.

MARBLE (Mohs hardness 3) is formed from limestone subjected to intense heat and pressure deep within the earth's crust. It is revered for its timeless beauty and resilience and complements the rich hues of malachite with its classic white veining.

Malachite is believed to promote transformation, growth, and positive change – making it a powerful ally for strategic thinking and decision-making on the chessboard – while marble is associated with clarity of thought, balance, and focus, enhancing concentration and mental acuity during gameplay.

Whether you're a seasoned chess player or simply appreciate the aesthetic beauty and fine craftsmanship, this chess set is sure to elevate your space and your gaming experience.

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